Throwback Thursday: Overlook Mountain

Thursday, January 12, 2017

This is Overlook Mountain, which I hiked in June of 2016 with a few friends. It was 4.59 miles round trip but they were a very humbling 4.59 miles lol. Pretty steep terrain but being able to explore the mountain house and the view from the top made it all worth it.


The Overlook Mountain House that I was fortunate enough to explore is actually the third(!) version of the hotel. Originally built in 1871, the Mountain house was built to house 300 guests in the height of the Catskills popularity. The hotel became victim to fire twice, first in 1875 and again 1923 after being rebuilt in 1878. The third and current version of the hotel was never completed after the owner ran into financial difficulty. After being boarded up in 1940, the concrete and remaining structures were victim to fires again in 1941 and the mid 1960s. These days, it has largely been taken over by nature.






The Lodge, where the owners and their guests stayed, was built in 1928.

Bath anyone?

Inside the Lodge.


If I remember correctly, this was a water source for the buildings.

Little friend inside the Lodge! We think it may have walked in (most of the bottom windows were ground level) but was unable to get back out on its own. One of the maintenance guys happened to be working and called a DEC officer to come help get it out. (I'm hoping that's the case -- we passed the officer on our way down the mountain.)

The view from the top.

The background information from Hudson Valley Ruins

View full set here.

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